Wet Cold vs. Dry Cold

Which do you think is colder in the winter: Colorado Springs or San Francisco? If you said Colorado Springs, technically you would be correct. But the cold in San Francisco seems much colder that Colorado Spring s in the winter time. I’m sure it has to do with being so close to the ocean and lack of sunshine, but when the wind blows it makes it feel downright frigid.

We were just in San Francisco for the Christmas Holiday and it was cold. As a matter of fact, it was the coldest it has ever been since we started going there every year to visit friends and family. One of my friends came home after finishing his shift at 2:00am and it was 27 degrees! Even the local residents complained how the cold was bone chilling.

“Don’t let the sun fool you” was told to me many times while there. In Colorado Springs, if the sun is out, and you’re standing in it, then it is warm. Because of the high altitude, we are closer to the sun and therefore it feels stronger. But in San Francisco, even in the sun it can be cold. Not to mention, the sun seems to come up later so it takes longer for the city to warm up. And like everywhere else, when the sun goes down, it is out-and-out cold.

Normally San Francisco has a wet, rainy winter. Of course Colorado Springs has the blizzards, ice storms, and freezing temperatures, but that does not happen for the whole winter. As a matter of fact, the average temperature in Colorado Springs is 42 degrees. When you factor in the sunshine, it feels much warmer than that. But San Francisco has the wet, damp, rainy, windy weather which makes it feel much colder than Colorado Springs.

Nevertheless, San Francisco is a great city, and we will just better prepare for the cold next year. I would have looked up the weather channel on my computer prior to leaving to see how to prepare, but my computer was incapacitated and making a visit to my friends computer repair shop (http://coscomputerrepair.com) so I just relied on my cell phone – which didn’t give a complete picture. Lesson learned for next year…