Breezy but Warm

Finally… some warm weather in Colorado Springs. Even though it is a little breezy, the sun is shining and warm enough to be outside without a jacket. When the inside of the car gets hot, you know it is finally turning into springĀ  time – but keep that jacket handy if you will be outside at night.

We have had some big snow storms this spring so there is still plenty of snow on Pikes Peak and the surrounding mountains. In spite of it being so warm, there are still some big snow mounds on some of the streets that are taking their own sweet time to melt. Snow in the mountains is good because that means we will have enough water this summer without having to put water restrictions in place. However, it is still a good idea to practice good water habits so that when we do have the dryer-than-normal months, we do not have to modify our water usage.

Spring also signals the end of the school year is close. Colleges only have about 2 weeks or less of classes left, then graduation. High schools and elementary schools will be out in a bout 3 weeks. Graduation parties are being planned, college applications are being reviewed and summer jobs will be getting snatched up soon. Never underestimate the value of a well written resume and cover letter to help you find your next summer employment or career change. For more information on the benefits of having a professionally written resume, visit, and congratulations to all the graduates!

Baseball season has started, Memorial weekend will be here soon, outdoor pools will open, and it will officially be outdoor grilling season. Keep the sunblock handy and always remember your water bottles. Summer in Colorado Springs is always an exciting time with a lot of “buzz” happening in the city. Be sure to enjoy with your family responsibly!