Super Bowl in Denver?

First of all – congratulations are in order for the World Champion Denver Broncos who won Super Bowl 50 by beating the Carolina Panthers. It was a competitive game and probably Peyton Manning’s last. Denver has won 3 Super Bowl Championships and this last win gives Peyton Manning the opportunity to “ride off into the sunset” like his boss John Elway did after his second consecutive Super Bowl victory.

The NFL has had a long held tradition of hosting the Super Bowl in ether a warm climate city (such as Tampa, FL, San Diego, CA or Miami, FL) or in a stadium that has a dome enclosure (like Cowboys Stadium, New Orleans, etc.). However, last year the NFL decided to go against the traditional stadiums and held the Super Bowl in the New York Giants/Jets brand new stadium. Of course every cold weather stadium was very curious to see the outcome of the event hoping for some future consideration to host the Super Bowl as well.

The weather cooperated enough that the game and all the festivities that accompany it were not disturbed. The game was competitive, but more importantly, the Super Bowl event was a success. This would open the doors for many other cold weather stadiums to have a shot of hosting a Super Bowl sometime in the future.

The city of Denver and the Denver Broncos was one such city eager to see the outcome. Invesco Field at Mile High is one of the newer stadiums in the league, and the Denver Broncos is one of the best organizations in the NFL as well. The city of Denver would be big enough to handle the volume of people who would attend the Super Bowl with hotel rooms, restaurants, and activities. Not to mention world class skiing less than 1 hour away.

But people who live outside of Colorado think that the wintery weather is always snow, blizzards, ice storms, and more snow. The reality is that the average temperature in Denver in Feb is 43 degrees, and if the sun is shining, it could actually feel like it is close to 60. Of course there is a chance for a blizzard, but in my opinion, that would make for a way more fun game anyway. But that’s just me.

Maybe someday…